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Southeast Pop Warner Serving Florida, Georgia, Alabama & Mississippi

Regional Staff

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Vice Region Director Ricky Wright Region Director:
Ricky Wright
[email protected]

Region Training Coordinator, Dwayne Renaker Vice Region Director:
Dwayne Renaker
[email protected]
[email protected]
Region Cheer and Dance Coordinator, Kelly Nicholson 

Region Cheer & Dance Coordinator:
Kelly Nicholson
[email protected]

  Region Scholastic Coordinator:
Teresa Barr
[email protected]
 Region Football Commissioner, Ken Jeffords Region Football Commissioner:
Ken Jeffords
[email protected]

Region Cheer and Dance Staff:
Reann Fitzpatrick
[email protected]

 Ass't Region Training Coordinator, Mark Every Region Training Coordinator:
Mark Every
[email protected]
  Assistant Region Training Coordinator:


Region Chief Financial Officer:

Keith Boswell Sr.
[email protected]

 Region Compliance Officer, Tonya Gibbs Region Compliance Officer:
Tonya Gibbs
[email protected]
Media and Marketing, Dean Prince 

Media and Marketing:
Dean Prince
[email protected]

Atlanta Liason, Curtis Golson  Atlanta Liaison:
Curtis Golson
[email protected]
 Administrative Assistant, Paula Schroeder Administrative Assistant:
Paula Schroeder
[email protected]


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